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Do not let names and appearances lead you to the wrong conclusions.

In our pictures you will see Ron in action as a "Drumming Judge" at the Netherlands Pipe Band Association Championships. Yes, Ron is a highly qualified and capable drummer, but he is also a recruit to the Piping classes.

Ron started off "dabbling" in Piping whilst in the Bullionfield Band and was given some pointers by Bob Matthews. It sort of drifted away, but now he is working hard on becoming a musician again.

Ron now works hard between lessons on his new skill of Piping,  and can demonstrate a few tunes on the chanter, the small Pipes  and more recently taken the plunge and bought a new set of Bagpipes. A Piper with Huntly & District these days, he will Return to just about any department where he is  equally at home

You are not seeing double.


Is there no limit to this man's ability?

Yes, it is Ron Hastie on Pipes and Bass for the Huntly

Pipe Band. Not bad for a leading drummer in years gone bye.

Ronald Hastie                Gordon Rogers “Last Tango in Huntly”