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Carnoustie & District

Pipe Band

Carnoustie & District Pipe Band began as an idea in 2007 but did not appear as a band till July 2008.  It now has a growing number of members from across Angus and beyond.  Hence the wearing of the Angus County Tartan.

In August 2018, the existing Pipe Major left the band, taking with him a number of established members, and the decision was made by the remaining members to return all operations to their base in the town of Carnoustie itself.

Immediately, there has been a more radical change of restructuring the tuition classes by  returning to its earliest basis of being more locally involved.  To this end a major drive has been undertaken to recruit and offering tuition to young local people wanting to learn and become members.

At this time (January 2019) it is safe to say that Carnoustie & District Pipe Band are looking to attract new members for both Pipe and Drum Corps whilst bringing on their local youngsters. Following the sudden departure of so many playing members, and returning to their root in Carnoustie, it has been noticed that some local players have decided to return to the band and this is being addressed.

A major step has been the bands recruiting drive amongst local youngsters, and this is building up to an increase in beginner numbers just starting off.  

The introduction of a “Structured Learning” program has begun to have effect with an existing learner reaching new levels in winning a schools chanter contest in Kincardineshire, and then a further two youngsters joined in by attending the Branch Solos in Dundee. Three good performances without prizes.

 Everyone is now taking on a roll when the new arrivals come in to the classes and existing learners still meet in the Kinloch Care Centre, Kinloch Street, Carnoustie, every Monday from 7 pm. The more advanced group meet every Wednesday at 7pm in Panbride Church Hall, Arbroath Road, Carnoustie.

Basically, the band is reforming from the floor up and are in need of more experienced pipers and drummers to form the basic elements on which to build.  Now is your chance to be part of this exciting project simply by contacting the folks bellow.

Andrew Brown (DDabrown636@glow.sch.uk)

Gordon Rogers (pipingteacher@hotmail.com)


Chairman: David Gibson

Secretary: Andrew Brown (DDabrown636@glow.sch.uk)

Treasurer: Sandy Burgess

Piping Instructor:

Gordon Rogers (pipingteacher@hotmail.com)


Andrew Brown
07921 163868

      A registered charity, Carnoustie and District Pipe Band is a non-profit organisation. The band is reliant on the goodwill of band members, their families and local support. If you would like to sponsor the band or work in partnership with them I would be delighted to hear from you.

In late 2007, the founder members of the band, David Gibson, Scott Phillips and Gordon Rogers enlisted the experienced help of Ron McKay, an ex-member of Red Hackle and George Black as drumming tutor in considering the forming of Carnoustie’s first ever R.S.P.B.A., Pipe Band.

Initially, a few practices were held with the Practical Pipers Society, organised by Gordon Rogers and his wife Valerie, to see if the idea of a band was feasible. These practices went very well and in March 2008, the Carnoustie and District Pipe Band was formed.

The formation of the Band could not have happened so quickly without the support from the local community and in particular, the late David Murray of “David Murray (Transport)”, who financed the purchase of uniforms and equipment.  Local businesses and organisations such as the Carnoustie Gala Committee and Carnoustie Community Council have all been of immense importance in the early days of the pipe band, and continue to be valuable assets.

 Of interest is the fact that from 1920 till 1935 there was a Carnoustie Scout Pipe Band, but this disappear just prior to the Second World War and never returned.