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SCQF Level 5 (Bagpipes)

Was - PDQB Level 3 Certificate Piping

Practical (Known as "Solo Performance”)

There are five Study Areas and each must be passed:

a. Monotone Exercises

Tap out the rhythm of Simple and Compound Monotone Exercises

b. Tunes on the bagpipe

Candidates submit tunes comprising:

1. 2 parts of a Slow Air

2. 4 parts of a March in Simple Time

3. 4 parts of a March in Compound Time

4. 4 parts of a Strathspey

5. 4 parts of a Reel

6. 4 parts of a Hornpipe

7. 4 parts of a Jig

8. One Ground of a Piobaireachd and one variation singling

and doubling.

c. Sight Reading

The assessor will ask the candidate to sight read tunes appropriate to this level

d. Tuning

Candidates will be expected to make a reasonable attempt at tuning their drones and be able to explain the basic principles of drone tuning.

e. Marching and Deportment

Candidates will be expected to march to appropriate tunes and be comfortable with the bagpipe demonstrating a smart approach/stance -uniform is not a requirement.


There are FOUR Study Areas in Theory

Write Monotone Exercises

Write out Monotone Exercises in Simple and Compound Time.

Music Notation

Explain the purpose of a Leger Line.

Draw out the Great Staff and show the pitch of the tenor drone, bass drone, and all the notes in the bagpipe scale.

Writing Music for Different Tune Types

Write out 8 bars of a 6/8 March from memory.

Write out 4 bars of either a Strathspey or a Reel from memory.

Maintenance (Bagpipes)

Maintenance activity is in written form:

1. In no more than 250 words, be able to explain the requirements fitting bagpipe and identify SIX different makes of drone reed. Consider bag size, bag cover size, blowstick length, spread of drones, etc.

2. In no more than 250 words be able to explain how to ensure the bagpipe is cleaned and dried and how to ensure all joints are correctly hemped/sealed.

3. In no more than 250 words explain the essential elements of a well maintained bagpipe so that your bagpipe stayed in good order.