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SCQF Level 2(Practice Chanter)

Was - PDQB Level 1 Certificate Piping (Practice Chanter)

Intended to allow beginners to assure themselves that they are learning correctly.



There are three Study Areas and each must be passed.

Candidates must demonstrate competence in the following:

a. Exercises

1. The scale

2. The scale to F with a G gracenote.

3. The scale to C with a D gracenote.

4. The scale to D with a E gracenote.

5. G, D, E gracenote groupings.

6. All strikes.

7. Thumb or High A gracenote.

8. The Throw on D from Low A.

9. Doublings on High A, High G, F, E, D, C and B from Low A.

10. Basic monotone exercises in simple time.

b. Monotone Exercises

Simple time exercises in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures.

c. Tunes

Two tunes played from memory. The music is to be presented to the examiner and played in accordance with the written score. The music does not have to be written out by the candidate.

The tunes submitted must incorporate some of the embellishments from the exercises listed in section a.


There are THREE Study Areas in Theory


There is no expectation of the student being asked to write on this activity at this stage. The student will be asked by the Examiner to demonstrate by showing and talking the Examiner through each of the maintenance activities.

Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of the following:

a. Dismantling the practice chanter.

b. Cleaning and drying the practice chanter.

c. Correct hemping of the practice chanter.

Music Notation

See below.

Writing Simple Music

See below.

Candidates must be able to:

a. Name all notes and note values

b. Demonstrate the correct placement of notes on the stave

c. Demonstrate an understanding of what dotted and cut notes

have on the note duration

d. Correctly write a treble clef on the stave

e. Understand the purpose of the bar Line

f. Write out 4 bars from a tune with 2/4 time signature by copying

onto manuscript paper from set music provided.