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The following dates have been mentioned as possible years for when

the photo was taken. I feel that the first one is the more likely as I

personal memories during the rest which would tend to take them

out of the equation.

1954, 1965, 1971 or 1976!

Do you know differently?

1st Battalion. Black Watch in Berlin Four local lads starting their National Service Check out the MacLeod Pipe Band for more details 2013 Perth Highland Games Royal Regiment of Scotland enjoy a good day in competition. Next to the Pipe Major is Jamie McDonald, one of the Practical Pipers

“Practical Piper” member, Jamie McDonald in 2014 doing his United Nations Duties with the Black Watch on Cyprus

Again in 2014, this time Jamie is with his Grandfather (Ex Black Watch) for parades through The City of Perth

4/5th Blackwatch at Gailes Camp in Dundonald, Ayrshire