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1 3 5 6 7 8 24th Dundee Parish Church (St. Mary’s) Boys Brigade Dundee Now we move forward a few years

(In front of Morgan Academy? Dundee)

Back Row: - D. Yule, C. Hill, G. Cowie, W. Tadden, J. Jeffrey

Middle Row: - W. McFie, A. Elder, Andy Adamson, K. Hutchison, Harry Troup, H. McLeish

Front Row: - J. Dewar, S/Sgt. Phillip Sword, Instr. George Payne, Capt. A. McKechnie, Instr. David Miller, S/Sgt. G MacQueen, D. Duncan.

Dundee City Police Cup 1934-35 Braemar Royal Highland Society Shield 1935

Now on to 1950

Above: - I think we again have George Payne in charge

To the right of him, do I see David Lyle? Later to be part of the successful MacKenzie Caledonian drum Corp

Below: The 24th BB march up to enter the arena at Braemar Gathering. It was still a major contest in these days.

Now we have an interesting scene.

Clearly flanked by member of the 24th BB., their Instructor/Pipe Major George Payne meets Lord Provost Fenton in Dundee City Square.

The meeting was to wish the band "a good trip" as hey prepared to travel to Dundee’s Twin City of Orleans in France.

Going by the different cap badges, this would appear to be the Dundee Battalion Band  with Pipe Major James Towns Sword on the far left Pipe Major James T. Sword 1914 Taking account of the B.B. Belts and drums, I guess this is the 24th BB in Black Watch Cadet mode around 1916 Note the khaki jackets as opposed to battle dress blouses This photo dates to around 1930 and is front of the Foundry Lane Band Hall The Sword connection continues with the arrival of Piper Phillip Sword front row second from the left 1932-33 Now this picture, taken in 1948 on the steps of the Morgan Academy, has a few interesting figures 1933-34 Standing in the centre is Captain R. McKechnie Seated in front from the left are Lt. Philip Sword, Piping Instructor George Payne, Drumming Instructor David Miller An interesting fact is that Philip Sword later married Capt. McKenzie’s Daughter, Ruby. A random photo of the band Tell me more Second row, second from right: Philip Sword 24th BB at Camp Possibly Dunkeld