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Kirriemuir Pipe Band

This is the "middle band" to be formed in Kirriemuir.

The first band ran from 1930 till 1939 approximately.

The middle band formed in 1948 and disappeared again in 1959.

The third band was reformed in 1977 to mark the Queens Silver Jubilee with Arthur Balfour as Pipe Major.

In this photo I see Jock Ogilvie (Tayside Police)

and Sandy Campbell later Forfar Burgh and then of Queensland Irish.

At the old Forfar Games held on Station Park, the bands were paid £1 per day per bandsman, which

thinking about it, wasn't too bad wages especially for Jim Taylor the apprentice plumber.

Jim tells that Sandy Campbell got his £1 for the band plus a spot was held open for him as he went round the

Games in the Solo Piping, Highland Dancing, Tossing the Caber, Hammer and the rest of the Heavies.

Not bad when you realise that this also included the Cumberland Wrestling.

Sandy returned with his Queensland Irish as Pipe Major of this highly efficient Grade 2 band.

Back: Sandy Campbell, Steve Kelly, ? McLeod, Jim Taylor, Willie Webster, Dave ? snr., Jock Ogilvie

Middle: Charlie Scott, Dave Grant, C. Sutherland, Sir Torquil Munro, P/M John McInroy, L/D Jack Graham

Front: Dave ? jnr., Colin Lockhart, David Wilkie, Albert Guthrie

(N.B. Sir Torquil Munro's father set all the 3000 foot "Munro" Hills)

Kirrie Show 1949

Pipe Major Jock McInroy

Bass Drummer Jim Taylor with Lead Drum Jack Graham and Davy Grant

Jim Taylor (Bass) with Davy Grant in the Secedars Hall


Kirriemuir has a history of pipers and band, but here I have only a record of one. There of course was the Kirriemuir Jubilee Pipe Band which was held together for many years through the efforts of Gladys Wilson and latterly Arthur Balfour

Now here is a KIRRIE photo dating back to 1900(ish)

It show a group called the Celtic Piping Society

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