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1 Camperdown Masonic Lodge (317) Memorial Pipe Band (Dundee)

A Drummer's Tale

When the present Right Worshipful Master Albert Clark joined Lodge Camperdown in 1981, his wife Charlotte’s Grandmother was still alive. Charlottes mother, told her Grandmother that Abbie was joining the lodge.

To her surprise, she found out that her Grandfather, David Abbot, was a member of Lodge 317 and that he played the Bass Drum in the Memorial Pipe Band, the only Masonic Pipe Band in the World, but, due to reasons unknown, he had fallen out with the Lodge.

Some years later, while giving our Secretary, a lift home he mentioned to Charlotte that he had been reading old minutes and that one stuck in his memory. It told of a member who accidentally burst the skin of the big drum. The committee then decided that this member would have to pay 7s 6d to have the drum repaired. In those day, this would have equalled more than a weeks wage, so having a young family at the time, this was not an option.

Was this too much of a coincidence, or was Bert speaking about Charlotte’s Grandfather?

Bert once again scoured the minute books and lo and behold, the brother in question was indeed David Abbot.

We can now confirm that David’s name has been well and truly cleared and that Abbie has donated 38p (7s/6d+) to cover the cost of the skin.