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7 #2 Full Hardy Bagpipes, Fully Combed and Beaded, Gold coloured Nickel stocks and Full Imitation Ivory, Medium Canmore Zip Bag & Bottle, Ezeedrones, Black cover and Red Cords.  R. T. Shepherd Chanter,  Kilter case. #3 Full set Lawrie Bagpipes, Nickel Silver ferules and Imitation Ivory extensions, Fully Combed and Beaded  Shepherd Chanter, “Ezeedrone” reeds. Medium Goretex bag.  Blue Cover with white fringe, White cords.  Black “Kilter” case. #7 ½ Size set in Rosewood. Unknown Maker (Lawrie?)  Nickel Silver ferules with wooden projections.  Imitation Ivory Drone caps. Fully Comber and Beaded. McMurchy ½ Chanter. Cane reeds. Small canmore New “Thistle” Case #8 Full set of Pipes	by Peter Henderson. Real Ivory projections and ring caps with Nickel silver ferules. Fully Combed and Beaded,  Ezeedrones fitted, Shepherd Poly chanter.  Regulator bag & bottle filter Black cover with Red wool fringe, Red Silk cords

Where do all the Drummers go?

     Now here is an interesting question. Where DO the members of the drum corp go when they decide to stop actively playing in a band?

     For many years, I have noticed that here in the east coast of Scotland, pipe bands can assemble a group of pipers and within this group you will find varying numbers of people who carry on their interest by passing on their skills to learners.  Unfortunately, they are stopped in their tracks as they cannot find a single drum tutor. This seems to be all too common again and will even include within the band from where they have just retired.

     At the same time, it is absolutely common to see a drummer(s) retiring and handing back his or her uniform, drum and even the sticks, possibly bought by the band.

       Now take a look around and count the number of unattached drummers willing to pass on their skills without seeking a fee or travelling expenses. A rare breed indeed.

       In recent weeks, this phanomina has re-emerged in great strength as I look around Dundee, Perth & Angus.  Dotted around the area there are bands, even in higher grades, who cannot parade through a lack of a drum corps, and some have needed to resort to importing a “corps” from far afield. Even more concerning, yet historically common, there is no sign of a suitable instructor willing to weigh in with their skills of being masters of the sub-divided beat.

       Can we start to put this right?  If you have the undoubted skills I describe, get in touch with me at pipingteacher@hotmail.com and together we will make a start, without commitments!

Finding you a class would be a “dawdle”.