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Practical Pipers Web Site

We were a small Society formed in 1986 in the Broughty Castle Masonic Rooms in Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

     From our very earliest days, we only had the founding members of Gordon and Valerie Rogers using the hall as means of putting in some practice. Within days, the names of Richard Smith (Mains of Fintry Pipe Band), John Ogilvie (Dundee Police), Colin Rusk (Blairgowrie, Rattray & District) were added as they fancied coming in for coaching.

     Through time, a large number of pipers and learners have been part of our Society and these included, Neil Myles, Alistair Robertson, Allan Young, Gordon Barton, Gregor Colville, Rob Hooganhout (Holland), Ronald Hastie, Harry Beattie, Gordon and Kerri Bruce, Scott Phillips, Johnny Norrie, Jamie McDonald, Ross McDonald, Tom Watson, Jason Bedford, Dennis Arnott, and many more.

     Now you might ask, What did they get from it?”  Mainly, fellowship, but we always added tuition, encouragement, advice and lots of fun.

Although The Practical Pipers Society stopped actually meeting in December 2014, this site has remained the news vehicle of the Society, still based in Carnoustie, Scotland.

     During the time that the site has been running, it has become a venue of interest for Pipers and Drummers not only from around the Dundee, Perth and Angus area, but from much further afield, and we have input from around the world including Holland, Belgium, USA, Canada and Australia.

     For this reason I have included photos of people, bands, old and new from around the Dundee, Perth and Angus area, and have even been able to link in with locals who have travelled far and wide.

     You can help to identify people and places, simply sit down and have a go. You will find your ammunition in the "Archives".



1997 The Society came together as a band to celebrate the 200th birthday of Carnoustie town Breaking News Click for Updated  11th October 2020

L to R.  Gordon Rogers,  Richard Smith,  Neil Myles,  Alistair Robertson, Allan Young,  Valerie Rogers,  Graeme Beattie & Ronald Hastie

Here is a gallery of some members, past and present, involved in their favourite activity or just hanging out!

Tom Watson & Jason Bedford in the uniform of Lathallan School

Gordon Rogers at the first parade of Carnoustie & District

Pipe Major Richard Smith in his Mains of Fintry uniform

Ross McDonald was a wedding guest, but could not resist borrowing the official piper’s instrument

The late Valerie Rogers in the uniform of the old Aberbrothock Pipe Band

Pipe Major Rob Hoogenhout receiving the winners price for Grade 4, Intercontinental Championships

Society members playing at the first parade of Carnoustie & District 2008

L to R.  Gordon Rogers, Jason Bedford, Andrew Christie, Tom Watson (behind Tom is Jamie McDonald) and Pipe Major Scott Phillips

Jamie McDonald competing at Pitlochry Highland Games

A more recent photo taken at Milltown of Rothiemay as the dynamic duo were preparing to take part in the solo drumming at Huntly 2015

Ronald Hastie   &   Gordon Rogers

Members Needed by Carnoustie & District

Covid 19 still rules the roost as far as Pipe Band practices are concerned, across the county. Our on-line classes have been well attended since March and the first batch of 18 weeks was a bit of a marathon.

We are now following the pattern set by school terms as much to give the instructor a break than anything else.

With the October holiday half way through, we are about to make a start to our next term by this time targeting a start to our new big strathspey. Should be interesting.

In 2018, I was persuaded to call in at the practice of Carnoustie & District Pipe Band, 10 years after having set them on the road. This was a time when they were looking to restructure by returning to the basic elements that were there when they first started.

     It was sad to see that the band were in need of beginning again, and I was put back in charge of coaching and teaching the pipers and the learners class.

     Now, having made good progress, we have been hit with the Covid19 crisis and all lessons were run for eighteen weeks from home, on-line, three days a week with a total of seventeen receiving one2one lessons.  Eventually, we reached the point where we were able to get all the “Social Distancing” in place and have one full stand-up practice in the middle of a field.

     Now we are at the point that I dreaded, and can do little about.  Yes, we are always on the lookout for competent pipers to boost the ranks, but the common flaw is that although we have a class of learner drummers, there are NO drummers willing to come along and lend a hand with any of the skills involved in Side, Tenor & Bass drumming.

     Can you help us when it comes to getting classes and practices under way again?

     Practice night are under reconsideration, so now is the time to step forward.