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1 3 5 6 7 8 11 14 Dundee City Police Pipe Band Latterly Tayside Police Police Pipe Band  (1905 - 2010) We move forward to the 1960’s now Alexander (Sandy) Salmons and his brother, Stewart McCulloch Salmond L to R:  Pipe Sergeant Norman MacLeod, Donnie Saunders, Stewart Salmond,  John Dickson, Neil McMillan, Stewart Batchelor,  ?   Pipe Major Peter Maynard Reconstruction was called for in 1974 Rear Standing: Bruce Abbott, James Milne, Ronald Hastie, Gordon Dickson, Norval Fyall, Neil McMillan Standing Front: P/M Ron McKay, Fred Duncan, Robert Barker, Kenneth Chisholm, Gordon Rogers, L/D Claude Miller,  Bass George Miller, Jock Ogilvie, Albert Bowman, Robert Finlay, John Dickson, Jackie Lockhart, and D/M Douglas Wares. Seated front: Inspector (Chairman) Stewart Harris and Band Secretary Sergeant Stewart Low The Drum Corps:  Leading Drummer Claude Miller, Bruce Abbott, James Milne, George Miller, Gordon Dickson, Ronald Hastie, Norval Fyall,  Drum Major Douglas Wares

The End


The era of “CUTS” arrived and this saw the end of the Tayide Police Pipe Band which had existed since 1905


Suddenly, and immediately following their performance in Grade One at this years World Championships, Tayside Police Pipe Band have decided to disappear into oblivion.

This band has a long history dating back to 1905 and has a background full of service to the Dundee community with a number of honourable members during that time.

In it's past, the band has seen success and this is not the first time that it has gone down to a very low level. The Band having been in virtual hibernation, but still surviving, the Chief Constable in the late 1960's pulled out all of the stops and brought in a new Pipe Major in Ron Mackay who was given the task of reviving the band and making it a competitive unit with visible local ties.

     This was done with the arrival of new Police and Fire Brigade members. The only early flaw was when they were placed in Grade 2, when Grade 3 might have served their purpose better at this early stage.

Tayside Police around 2005

1982 sees the Band marching down Reform Street, Dundee,

at the head of the Students "Rag" parade for charities.

On Parade:

Drum Major Richard Hamilton

Pipe Major Gordon Rogers, David Mann, Jock Ogilvie, David Sutherland, Bass Drummer almost certainly "Geordie" Miller,

Stewart Robertson, Side Drum Bruce Abbot, Tenor David Smith, Pipe Sergeant Stewart Davidson

Back row. Bruce Abbot, Ronald Hastie, George Millar, Berty Hunter

Third row. Frank Donald, Stewart Stirling, Kenneth Copeland, Gordon Dickson.

Second row. John Ogilvie, Keith Leask, Thorfin Drever, Duncan Elwood, Kenneth Leask.

Front row L to R P/M Gordon Rogers, P/Sgt Stewart Davidson, Fred Duncan, Stewart Robertson, Tom Deas, D/M Duncan Brooksbank.

This Photo appeared in"The Pipe Band" magazine of the R. S. P. B. A.

Braemar Gathering 1979

Tayside Police take the right flank of the photo with Pipe Major Gordon Rogers in front followed by Pipe Sergeant Stewart Robertson, Stewart Davidson, and Tom Deas.

Pipe Majors from the left are, Bill Hepburn (Turriff), ?, ?, James Grimmond (MacKenzie Caledonian.) Jack Stewart (Forfar Burgh)

Hazelhead Games, Aberdeen, and two Police drummers warming up.

Following years with Bullionfield and the NCR band, here we have two talented players lending a hand in the Police.

Leading Drummer Roddie Chisholm, and Ronald Hastie (Now in Huntly)


A night out at the new Opera House, Worzburg, Germany

Braemar Massed Bands with Tayside Police Taking the full right flank.

Pipe Majors from the right are  Gordon Rogers (Tayside Police),

Jack Stewart (Forfar Burgh), James Grimmond (Mackenzie Caledonian)